What is RSCDS?

In 1923 Miss Jean Milligan and Mrs Ysobel Stewart did not like what they saw. Scottish country dancing was disappearing. Globalisation is not a new thing, and the waves of people moving through the UK and Europe brought other music, other dances and other forms of entertainment.

Miss Milligan had been active in the Beltane Society, which disintegrated during the Great War, and was a teacher of physical education. Mrs Stewart, saddened by the decline of a dance form she had known for most of her life, began collecting dances with a view to publishing them.

Between them, with the help of Paterson’s Publications, they formed the Scottish Country Dance Society. Miss Milligan began to teach the dances collected by Mrs Stewart.

During the course of the next few years the Society, driven by Miss Milligan and Mrs Stewart, brought dancers together, collected more dances and set about training teachers. Details of dances were taken from books, music, old programmes and the memories of anybody who could contribute. By the end of 1930 there were more than a dozen branches in the UK.


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The dancer survey of 2015 revealed that only one third of dancers in Adelaide were members of the RSCDS.

Anecdotally, it is thought that this is an all-time low.

The survey also told us why we dance;

-          Physical and mental fitness

-          Social interaction

-          Heritage

-          A love of dancing and the music.

These were the main reasons.

The Branch Committee knows and reluctantly accepts that many non-members don’t see ‘value for money’ in the membership fees, mainly because of the major proportion that goes to Scotland.

However, the Branch need members to survive and adequate funds to continue to provide socials, day schools, balls.

Therefore, please re-consider your decision if you are not a member.

Or, would you like to support your Branch by paying a $12 a year donation that would help pay for Branch events?

As a supporter (rather than a member) you would receive the Branch Newsletter, Reel Spiel. You would not have voting rights.

Please consider.






I ………………………………………..understand that the supporter’s subscription is not membership of the RSCDS but entitles me to receive 4 copies of Reel Spiel.





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